3.7 billion people around the world still do not have internet access.  Facebook Connectivity’s purpose is to bring more of those people online to a faster internet.  

FBC asked us to solve a very specific problem.  While they were doing incredible work such as laying thousands of miles of fiber to bring millions of Congolese online for the very first time or building fiber laying robotic silkworms, no one really understood who they were and what they did.  

So we partnered with them to refresh the brand with a new brand architecture, a clearer brand story and messaging, new storytelling focused website, together with a content strategy and plan to tell their new story.




  • Strategy
  • Audience
  • Content Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Creative
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • Development
  • Ideation
  • Creation
  • Films
  • Videos

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