Zeitgeist 2011






Creative Director
Scott T. Chan

Bobbie Wang, Javier Solis

Art Director
Dylan Ho

Scott T. Chan

Chris Crutchfield

Mat Kearney

After the smashing success of the first Zeitgeist 2010 video, Google once again tapped us to bring back the magic for the much anticipated 2011 edition of their annual recap video.

2011 was certainly a rough year around the world, but it was also a year of significant progress and change. This was the story we wanted to tell and thankfully Google let us do just that. To do this, we took the approach of creating something that felt much more personal and intimate and captured the experience of how most of the world lived these memorable events.

After only four days, 2011’s video views skyrocketed past 2010’s, was featured in AdWeek and topped both the Mashable and AdAge’s Viral Ad charts. Due to the enormous reception it received, Google chose to feature on their global homepages along with their 2012 NYE doodle. In just three weeks, Zeitgeist 2011 became the most viewed Google Search video, ever.