The Big Presentation






Creative Director
Scott T. Chan

Jenna Cedicci

Aaron Naar

Emily Bloom, Bradley Stonesifer

Director of Photography
Bradley Stonesifer

Art Director
Paul Lee

When most people think of Google, you think of the Search, YouTube, Android, Gmail or any of the multitude of awesome consumer products that we all use. But that’s only part of the Google story. Whether we know it or not, it is business side of Google which powers that same great consumer experience we all love.

Google Business called on us to help them tell this very important part of their story to their other set of customers, advertising and marketing professionals. True to form, we opted for a different approach than the typical run of the mill overview video. Rather than load up on stats and bullet points, we chose to take a page straight from the Google Business’ playbook and win a moment that mattered by telling a story.

We believe one of the very best ways to get an audience to remember something is by making them feel something. With this in mind, we set out to tell the story a marketing professional utilizing a gaggle of dynamic Google services to prepare for a big marketing presentation.