Make me feel


Why we do take pictures? To turn moments into mementos. To capture pretty things like sunsets and vintage cars. To share with others how we see the world.

Why do we look at other people’s pictures? To gawk and spy. To see things we don’t normally get to see. To step outside of ourselves and see how others view the world.

For the release of the new Flickr app for the iPhone, we decided to make a day-in-the-life video using real pictures from actual Flickr users. This story captures the wonder, awe, and excitement of taking and sharing photos on the go.

The photos we take tell the story of our past. What will your life story look like?






Creative Director // Scott T. Chan

Director // Brad Tangonan

Producer // Jenna Cedicci

Editor // Toby Brown

Art Director // Paul Lee

Music // Grouplove

Music Editor // Satoshi Noguchi