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Google + Beckham

David Beckham, dropped by to kick it at the Googleplex for a live Google+ Hangout with his fans. He and his team loved what we did for Lady Gaga’s day at Google and asked if we could make one for him. Being the huge soccer fans that we are, how could we say no?

As we began crafting his story, we learned that at the core of this international superstar is just a little boy who always dreamed of being a professional soccer player. And through determination and hard work, made his dream a reality.

Originally meant as just an event sizzle video, Google chose to put the spot online which subsequently ended up in the top 10 on Creativity Online’s Adcritic Chart.






Director // Scott T. Chan

Producer // Bobbie Wang

Art Director // Chris Crutchfield

Music // David Guetta ft. Usher